Accolades for The Low Oxalate Cookbook - Book Two

Immediately following publication of Book Two, words of congratulation and appreciation started pouring into the Foundation. They are an eloquent testament to the power of recovery.

The Low Oxalate Cookbook in a stand with pages open

Book Two is wonderful—it was worth the wait!”

Co-Leader of VPF Support Group in Florida

“Your new Cookbook is an absolute triumph! Beautifully done!”

VPF Member in San Jose, California

“The Cookbook is ‘fabulous!’ Thanks.”

VPF Member in San Diego, California

“I love it!”

VPF Member in Pleasanton, California

“The new Cookbook is truly a work of art. Thank you for shepherding this into creation.”

VPF Member in Cerrillos, New Mexico

“The latest research on oxalates takes the diet to a whole new level.”

VPF Leader in Massachusetts

“What a triumph! Even better than I expected.”

VPF Member in West Frankfort, Illinois

“The new Cookbook is wonderful!”

VPF Member in Columbus, Ohio

“Great job on the Cookbook!”

VPF Leader in California

“The Cookbook is fabulous—perfect.”

VPF Leader in Washington

“Everybody with oxalate problems or vulvodynia should have a copy of this book.”

VPF Member in Illinois

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