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January 2017

VPF Drawing To Be Held January 6

The VP Foundation’s 2016 Drawing will be held on January 6, 2017. Executive Director Joanne Yount encourages VPF members and friends to date and mail their checks and Drawing tickets to the VPF by December 31 so they will arrive for the Drawing on January 6 with time to spare.

Drawing 2016 items

Peter Fahnrich, VPF executive assistant,
with all four 2016 Drawing prizes

Known as Epiphany, January 6 commemorates the visit of the wise men from the East to Jesus in Bethlehem. They brought gifts. Instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh from wise men, the VPF has been given silver, more silver, and pearls from wise women!

A long-time VPF member who wishes to remain anonymous donated a portion of her vintage silverware collection for the 2016 Drawing. Since she no longer uses it, she said, “I decided that a better use of this silver, than staying in the cabinet, is to support the VPF.”

The first prize from her collection is a set of eight sterling silver iced tea spoons in the French Provincial pattern (1948) by Towle. They are valued at $400. Second prize is a sterling silver youth fork and hollow handle knife set in the ever-popular Repousse pattern (1928) by Kirk Stieff, valued at $125.

Third prize consists of silverplate items, including four demitasse spoons in the Orange Blossom pattern (1910) by International Silver, and a large 13-inch dressing spoon by Sheffield Silver Co. in England. They are valued at $75.

Leta Dean, a former VPF Leader from the greater Chicago area, donated a strand of pink baroque 8 mm. cultured freshwater pearls with a rhinestone magnetic clasp, and matching 9 mm. button earrings. They are valued at $150. Baroque refers to the irregular shape of these beautiful freshwater pearls.

The price of Drawing tickets (PDF) has not changed in many years. They are still $4.00 each, or six for $20.00. This year’s goal is $75,000. Director Yount said, “Setting the bar high will take the Foundation to the next level of providing valuable services and resources for one purpose only - Recovery."


4 demitasse spoons by International Silver and
dressing spoon by Sheffield Silver Co.

Knife and fork

Youth knife and fork by Kirk Stieff

Tea spoons

8 iced tea spoons by Towle

Freshwater pearl necklace and earrings

Pink cultured freshwater pearls with
matching button earrings

The VP Foundation thanks Replacements, Inc. (silver) of Greensboro and Wade’s Jewelers (pearls) of Gibsonville, North Carolina, for their expertise in identifying, describing, and valuing the prizes.

November 2016

Newsletter 44 Published

, Number 44, was mailed to current VPF members on November 7 and 8, 2016. It should reach the majority of Foundation members by Thanksgiving, and the rest by November 30.

Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO)

Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO)

The lead article features an overview of the science related to cetyl myristoleate (CMO) therapy. CMO is a fatty acid that inhibits the break down of hyaluronic acid, a major component of connective tissue found throughout the body.

The “take-away” for Solomons’ Syndrome sufferers (vulvodynia, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel, sensitive skin) is that in order for CMO to be effective, pancreatic enzymes known as lipases must usually be taken with it. A recent survey of VPF members who have taken CMO confirms this scientific fact.

In issue 44, a comprehensive financial report shows the impact of a long-protracted recession on the VPF’s operation. The organization’s annual fundraiser, a Drawing for superb prizes donated by VPF members, is launched as well. (See VPF News, October.)

The Fall 2016 Addendum to The Low Oxalate Diet reports the total and soluble oxalate content of sixteen foods, food products, and natural supplements, including Ceylon cinnamon, dried cayenne peppers, farro, whey, radicchio, and Klondike bars.

Some of the delicious low oxalate recipes featured in the menu for "A Crisp Autumn Day on The Low Oxalate Diet," include Cole Slaw, Zesty Corn Salsa, and Garlic Shrimp. According to Joanne Yount, executive director and managing editor of The Low Oxalate Cookbook – Book Two, Garlic Shrimp is an elegant and tasty way to prepare shrimp at only 1.0 mg. oxalate per serving.

An introduction to a new member of the VPF’s Board of Directors, how to order Gorilla Grains Gourmet Granola, A Perfect Day on the Low Oxalate Diet, and a dozen recovery letters round out this issue of .

To receive your copy of the , go to Memberships, print a membership form, and mail it with your yearly fee to the VPF.

October 2016

VPF Names New Director

During the summer, Mike Causey joined the VP Foundation’s Board of Directors. Currently, he is serving as Vice President.

As a friend of the Foundation for several years, he has advised the VPF on organic produce, fundraising, finances, insurance, publication, and more. He is a strong supporter of alternative health care and natural remedies.

Drawing 2016 items

Mike Causey

Born on a farm southeast of Greensboro, North Carolina, Mike Causey stayed close to his agricultural roots throughout a twenty-five-year career in the insurance industry, primarily in Charlotte and the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro - High Point - Winston-Salem). In 2009 he opened the Downtown Farm Market in Greensboro, which featured local farm products from throughout central North Carolina.

While waiting on a new customer, Joanne Yount, Mr. Causey kept trying to interest her in picture-perfect local okra, figs, beets, spinach, blackberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, peanuts, pecans, and more. According to Joanne, “At an early point, I decided it would be easier to go ahead and tell him about the oxalate connection. Mike’s a pretty open-minded fellow, with eclectic interests.”

Mike Causey began his career as a field engineer in construction management. On returning to college to further his engineering credentials, he was recruited into the insurance business and discovered that sales fit his personality better. Starting as an insurance agent, he worked his way up from sales manager to general manager, to superintendent of agencies over North and South Carolina; and finally, insurance agency owner.

“On the side,” he earned a degree in business administration, including MBA studies at High Point University and an Executive Management Certificate from Purdue University in Indiana. Mike started several businesses, including a farm equipment dealership, insurance agency, antiques shop, and the farm market.

He now coordinates the Adopt-a-Highway program for the State of North Carolina – and is running for N.C. Insurance Commissioner. North Carolina VPF members may be interested in learning more about his candidacy at nc4causey.com.

Possibly most important to the VP Foundation, Mike Causey has valuable experience in the nonprofit world. In the past he has served as Executive Director of two nonprofits, the Independent Auto Body Association and the Citizens for Health Care Freedom.

He has been a board member for several other nonprofit organizations, including the Alamance Community Lions Club, Guilford County Agriculture Advisory Board, Public Officer and Employee Liability Insurance Commission, North Carolina Big Sweep, and Keep North Carolina Beautiful. “As the VPF moves forward, we are eager to put Mike’s experience to good service,” said Joanne Yount. “We welcome him to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.”

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