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November 2018

Twenty-Six Prizes Donated for VPF’s Annual Drawing

But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.

~ King David, on fundraising
in the 11th century, B.C.
1 Chronicles 29:14b (NIV)

Graham, NC - During 2018 several VPF members and friends donated twenty-six prizes for the Foundation’s Annual Drawing, one prize for every year the Foundation has been serving members and others. The total market value of all twenty-six prizes is over $5,000. The Drawing will be held on February 14, 2019.


French Provincial Flatware by Towle Silver

Silver trays and bowls

Silver Trays and Bowls


A long-time member in Colorado donated an extraordinarily elegant set of sterling silver flatware, along with five silver trays and bowls. She wants to make sure the VPF keeps savoring its Silver (25th) Anniversary, which occurred on October 9, 2017.

The lion’s share of value is in the large, 58-piece set of French Provincial Sterling flatware by Towle Silver (1948) that she donated. It is valued at $3,294. Wow! What a wonderful first prize!!

The silver trays, by Reed & Barton and International Silver, are valued at $44; and the Paul Revere bowls, by Oneida Silver, at $40. Our Colorado member also donated two lovely crystal and pottery trays. (See photographs.)

Jewelry Sets

Another long-time member in Illinois donated a dozen stunningly beautiful sets of matching necklaces and earrings. Eight sets are made of freshwater pearls in colors known as chocolate, black, white, and pink. Seven of the pearl necklaces are complemented by matching wire dangle earrings, and one by matching post earrings.

Two jewelry sets are made of semi-precious stone beads, mostly in the turquoise family. One set is a mixture of freshwater pearls and stone beads. The most unusual jewelry set consists of two large white freshwater pearls hanging from a silver-toned, mesh dangle necklace with matching dangle earrings. All of the necklaces have either magnetic rhinestone clasps or magnetic ball clasps.

Jewelry sets

Jewelry Sets of Freshwater Pearls and Semi-Precious Stones

The necklace and earring sets range in value from $50 to $150 per set, with a total value of $1,150.

Art, Pottery, and More

misc drawing items

VPF glass paper weight, Bob Timberlake mini print, Stangl and North Carolina pottery; and crystal and pottery trays.

A former VPF employee donated a Bob Timberlake studio mini print entitled Jonquils ($20). Joanne Yount, VPF Executive Director, donated several pieces of North Carolina pottery by Janet Resnick and others, as well as a Stangl china warmer stand in the Wild Rose pattern ($39). Skee Johnson, who designed the VPF’s logo (girl with the hat) donated a custom-made glass VP Foundation paper weight (priceless).

Drawing tickets are $4 each, or 6 for $20. According to Director Yount, “The full price you pay for VPF Drawing tickets is tax deductible as a charitable contribution in the United States - if you do not win a prize! If you win a prize, the total amount paid for tickets, less the value of the prize (if it is less than your donation), is tax deductible.”

A big thank-you goes to Replacements, Inc. of Greensboro (silver), Wade’s Jewelers of Gibsonville (jewelry sets), and The Bob Timberlake Gallery of Lexington (art), North Carolina, for their expertise in identifying, describing, and valuing prizes.

September 2018

VPF Headquarters Safe and Sound

Graham, North Carolina - For five days in mid-September, Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc throughout much of the state of North Carolina.

Hurricane Florence Map with Track

Path of Hurricane Florence

Especially hard hit was the region that North Carolinians affectionately call “Down East.” This area includes New Bern, Kinston, Wilmington, Burgaw, Fayetteville, Lumberton, Morehead City, Southport, and many other communities; not to mention Myrtle Beach and eastern South Carolina.

Headquarters of the VP Foundation are located in Graham, North Carolina, in the north central part of the state. Graham is midway between Greensboro and Durham, on the Interstate 85/40 corridor. Although Graham is nearly 200 miles from the coast, the storm was 500 miles wide.

The area received over 7 inches of rain, and winds that resulted in a lot of tree debris. However, the VPF office in downtown Graham was not damaged, and never lost power. Executive Director Joanne Yount said, “We dodged a bullet.” Or more accurately, “The bullet dodged us.”

The VP Foundation serves many members throughout areas devastated by Hurricane Florence. Director Yount asks members displaced by Florence to let the VPF office know their temporary changes of address, and other contact information.

 Director Yount asks members displaced by Florence to let the VPF office know their temporary changes of address, and other contact information.

Also, “The staff, volunteers, directors, and I would like to know if you need assistance. Please remember that one of our directors, Mike Causey, is the N.C. Commissioner of Insurance. This department is integrally involved in the recovery process.” (See www.ncdoi.com.)

When Florence hit, , Number 47, was in process. assembly and production have been slowed down by the storm and its aftermath, but only a bit. Most likely, this beloved publication will come out in October, rather than late September as originally planned.

On behalf of the Foundation, Director Yount said, “I appreciate all the solicitations from members, supporters, volunteers, and friends, expressing sorrow for North Carolina’s losses, and concern for our safety and wellbeing. We are grateful to still be standing, and serving.”

The VP Foundation, Post Office Box 755, Graham, NC 27253 (336) 226-0704

October 2017

VPF Celebrates 25 Years of Service
To the Solomons Syndrome Community

The VP Foundation was twenty-five years old on October 9, 2017. On that day in 1992, the VPF was incorporated as a North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation.

Dr. Solomons

Clive C. Solomons, Ph.D.

An old-fashioned mutual-help organization, the Foundation functioned primarily as a rescue mission in the early years. The VPF rescued people from pain and guided them to recovery with the help of biomedical scientist Clive C. Solomons, Ph.D., and a network of extraordinary volunteers who had recovered in his research study.

The VPF and its corps of volunteers still serve new members who need to be rescued. However, over time it has become an organization that also protects, restores, and sustains thousands of recoveries, year in and year out.

The VPF updates Dr. Solomons’ research by informing members of brand availability and replacement products in his successful treatment protocol; and by continuing to sponsor research into the oxalate content of new food products. It also informs members of supplements and prescription drugs that sabotage recovery.

The Foundation continues to network with the medical and research communities. For example, after publication of this past summer, Executive Director Joanne Yount sent a copy of it with a personal note to every health professional in the New York Times reprint.

The NYT article included with the analyzed the current controversy regarding vitamin D supplementation. By interfering with oxalate metabolism, Vitamin D frequently sabotages recovery from vulvar pain, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel - in a word, Solomons Syndrome.

As a founding director of The VP Foundation, Ms. Yount said, “I am very proud of the motto on our website, Today you can choose Recovery. Twenty-six years ago, virtually no one in the world could do that.

“On our anniversary, I would ask everyone who has been helped by the Foundation and Dr. Solomons to honor your recovery by making a special contribution of $25 for 25 years to the VPF.” Increments of $25 ($50, $75, $250, $2,500) are also welcome.

To make a contribution, send a check or money order to The VP Foundation, Post Office Box 755, Graham, North Carolina 27253, USA. For a contribution form, go to My Contribution for a Firm Foundation.

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