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May 2017

Newsletter 45 to be Published in June

, Number 45, is scheduled to be published during June 2017.

It will feature the VPFs activities thus far in 2017. They include a financial report of the annual Drawing held in January; data for the oxalate content of foods, food products, and supplements tested during the past six months; report of a unique community outreach event organized by a young VPF Leader; new-to-us natural products that support The Pain Project protocol; and eye-opening current information on vitamin D.

According to Joanne Yount, VPF Executive Director and Managing Editor of , some rather nostalgic recipes from the first edition of the book are featured in A Perfect Day on the Low Oxalate Diet, giving oxalate mg. (milligrams) per serving for an entire day of meals.

For 256 additional low oxalate recipes, order ; and check out the Recipe of the Month on this Web site for oxalate mg. per serving, each and every month.

To receive your copy of 45, go to Memberships, print and complete a membership form, and mail it with your yearly fee to join the VPF.

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